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We are pleased to introduce our new travel venture SASAMI DESTINATIONZ.

Being passionate about travel ourselves, we understand our client’s perspective well. At SASAMI, you don’t just take a holiday… you relish it! We can take your travel requirement for Domestic as well as International destinations.

Customized Holidays is OUR main USP however, we can also offer you Fixed departure packages with the help of other bigger players internationally and here in India

We create packages for the best moments of your life.

SASAMI Destinationz (yes with a “z”) is a family owned tours and travel firm located in Nalasopara, Palghar District, Maharashtra. We provide various travel solutions for leisure, group and individual or family vacations and business travel.

SASAMI means SAnskruti, SAchin and MInal, so this is you can say a true family owned travel company.

The company is managed by Mrs. Minal Soni Vaishampayan and supported by her husband Mr.Sachin Sharad Vaishampayan. It is a 3-Year- old company but Mrs. Minal has an experience of over 10 years handling travel packages and catering to customers.

We offer multiple types of travel packages including specific, customised, Luxurious, semi-luxurious or budget packages as per the customers want and necessity.

You can be assured of international class customer service that is provided by our vendors and us.

We also do Air-Ticketing, Car Bookings, and Train Bookings. We also cater to Cruise packages departing from India or International.

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  •   Brodway Road 234, New York

  •    Mobile: 77570 31583

  •    Mail: info@travel.com




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